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Best Inflatable (SUP) Paddle Boards

One of my favorite activities to do in Marin County during a nice day is kayak, go to the beach, and most of all...PADDLE BOARD! Paddle boarding provides a great workout while enjoying the cool water during a warm day. Heck, you can paddle board any day. Just make sure you check my tide charts prior! No longer do you have to lug around a large paddleboard on your truck/SUV or sticking out of your car. Inflatable boards provide similar support, buoyancy and speed. Personally, it is almost unrecognizable. You can pack your board, inflator, paddle and more in the trunk of your car without any issues. To help in your paddle boarding adventures, I wanted to share a list that I trust which displays the highest rated inflatable (SUP) paddle boards. Follow the link below to begin paddling!

Highest Reviewed Paddle Boards

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